Working coreboot on HP Pavilion Chromebook AKA Butterfly!

If you look closely at the writing on the screen, you will instantly realise I have *finally* got coreboot working on the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook. It turns out it’s pretty much identical to the C710 and counter-intuitively won’t actually work with the corresponding Butterfly code, rather the C710’s Parrot code. All that’s necessary to do is update the vendor/model strings in menuconfig so that the keyboard/trackpad work as intended.

In light of this, and the fact it’s freed me up to do some of the other stuff I *should* be doing, I have created a slew of coreboot build’s for all 3  models mentioned on the  prebuilt coreboot page. I encourage you to try them as they have all been tested!

I do still intend to to purchase the new C720 with donations once it’s available, so any and all contributions towards this endeavour would be greatly appreciated. Again, if I have the hardware, I can ensure I won’t brick yours!

Update: I have now got coreboot firmware for this device that uses the corresponding chipset! It was necessary to compile using the reference toolchain, and also make some minor modifications (commenting out bits of code which were causing errors, basically). 

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  1. what´s going on? i can´t find the coreboot ROM for more than two days. is this site broken? every time i try to download it says. NOT FIND. please somebody help

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