Test ASUS C300 SeaBIOS image with full SD/eMMC support

Thanks to Kevin O’Connor’s brilliant work this week, I now have an image for you to test. Please bear in mind that I’ve only tested this to the extent that I’ve loaded Fedora 22 onto the eMMC and booted from it. There is no guarantee that it won’t do something horrid to your data, so don’t put anything important on there unless you have a backup.

As the keyboard doesn’t yet work in syslinux using the new image, you’ll have to use the latest image from the script to boot your LiveUSB, install you distro to the eMMC, and then flash the test image to get it to boot from the eMMC.





(From where the files are downloaded).

sudo ./flashrom -w -i BOOT_STUB:asus-c300-test.cbfs

Link to the code:


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