Bonding/teaming internet connections

So, perhaps you are too far from your local exchange to get a decent DSL speed, or you have an urgent large download and want to use a secondary internet connection to boost your speed. This article will allow you to combine 2 connections together. No ISP support is required. Connections could be all DSL, 2.4Ghz wireless, or HSDPA or any combination of, indeed any type of internet connection (latency permitting).

There are a number of expensive products on the market which do this. I want to bring this into the realms of the sys admin/computer hobbyist, after all this is the information age.

In this example I am using 1 DSL connection, with 1 HSDPA connection, but assuming you know enough to be able to implement this you should be able to change interface names or implement for more than 2 connections if you want.

You will need:-

  1. A computer of some sort with Ubuntu loaded on it (only for the purposes of this article, could easily be any other distro if you are prepared to adapt it).
  2. A dedicated server of some sort on the internet with Ubuntu (again another distro if you want to adapt, I can recommend a Kimsufi 2G for €14.99 per month ex VAT, can’t get better value than that)
  3. 2 internet connections, obviously.