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I’ve made a major script update that will just update/restore the BOOT_STUB area of the ROM to load SeaBIOS, as well as flash the full ROM’s of previous, backup/restore your product info (serial no. and hardware ID) and flash a shellball ROM. The main advantage of leaving the majority of the ROM alone is hopefully quality and consistency improvement. However, in some cases this will mean that suspend does not work and VMX is disabled. I will write more, and update the FAQ when people give feedback.

cd; rm -f; curl -k -L -O; sudo -E bash

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    1. Are you sure it’s really bricked? Perhaps the display just isn’t working. If you switch on and press ESC 25 times in quick succession you might be able to boot from USB if you press 2. Which script option did you choose when you were flashing?

  1. Hi have a asus c710 chromebook with intel 847u and parrot board. Has your custom rom flashed can run most linux live sticks. But no matter which version of linux i use cant get install past about 90%. Even using the built in doesnt work same result 90% crash and ubuntu doesnt work at all. Help

  2. Pretty darn sure it’s bricked, I tried a different monitor. I tried the esc key 25 or so times and 2. No joy. It kind of blinks like it’s continually resetting. I remember picking #1, the seabios. I did several 710’s and 720’s with the old script. Thkx anyway.

  3. Naw, it’s an old xe300m22-a01us. I’ve not tried it on anything else, but did several 710’s and 720’s the old way – this is my first brick. Apologies if the friends I do them for don’t donate, I told them to.

  4. Apologies, I guess that was rather hidden in my post, ” I remember picking #1″ meaning I picked “1. Modify my Chromebook’s ROM to run SeaBIOS exclusively (and get rid of the scary screen).” I wanted to pick 4, but that “risky” warnings effectively detoured me.

    1. It looks okay, and that payload has been tested in that way on C710 and HP Pavilion Chromebooks (both the same generation as Stumpy). That model has been more troublesome than others in the past too though.

  5. Hello,

    Is this script still available? I saw that the archive was moved but I’ve been unable to locate the script there.

    I’m using an Acer CB5-571

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