ROM Updates – 01/09/14

All ROM’s for all models have been updated. The main changes are:

  1. Subsystem vendor ID’s added to Falco, Peppy, Leon, and Wolf to ensure back-light is enabled by kernel > 3.15.
  2. All ROM’s now using a 4 MB CBFS with Jeltka as an ELF payload (this removes size overhead and other complications of floppy images).
  3. Jeltka updated to load the i915 frame-buffer driver (which means even if there’s something wrong with the VGA binary/ID’s you can still get a display by pressing ESC and 2 at the right times, assuming no USB device plugged in).
  4. Added e2fsprogs/fdisk/USB/MMC support to Jeltka (for basic filesystem/partition checking and manipulation). Be careful of Buildroot’s version of fdisk as it defaults to a first sector at 63 and DOS compatibility mode, and, if you switch it off by pressing “c”, fdisk will default to a first sector of “1”. This will probably cause problems, as most distros default to sector 2048 for alignment purposes. It means that resizing your filesystem will be tricky, if you forget to to recreate the partition at 2048, and it may appear that your filesystem is therefore b0rked!
  5. TPM conditionalised in dsdt.asl for any boards that have it, to avoid TPM being enabled and causing issues with suspend.
  6. I’ve made my own Panther/Zako compatible ROM to enable the 4MB CBFS for that model.

As always see the download page.

21 thoughts on “ROM Updates – 01/09/14”

    1. 3 out of 4 people who tried 010914 appear to have bricks, despite me having tried that ROM on my HP Chromebook 14 (identical hardware to C720) before upload. So, I changed the script back to 260814 in the interim. I have created another ROM and tested that on my HP Chromebook 14, but apart from having done “make clean” twice before building 020914, I can’t think of a reason why 010914 might’ve caused a brick.

      You’re welcome to try 020914 manually, but I can’t be sure that it won’t brick your device.

  1. I tried manually the 020914 with “./flashrom -w bios.bin” but it gets errors in the write and read of the rom. So I flash back the 26/08.

    If you want I can send you the exact read/write error.

    1. Yes please. It’s probably a verify error at 0x62, which is standard. I work around that in the script by reading and writing the first 4k of the ROM chip back, instead of using the first 4k of the ROM file itself.

    1. I still can’t figure out what’s causing it. Another guy flashed the same ROM and it works, *but*, he had flashed previously, which means he didn’t have the descriptor work-around Stefan Tauner recommended to me when he ran the script. I take it this was your first time flashing one of my ROM’s?

  2. previously I had 260814 ROM…
    No errors on flash on 9/1, thus I rebooted.
    power LED is on, and power button takes holding for several seconds to actually turn off machine.
    external monitor does not work (no signal) keyboard does not work. usb keyboard does not appear to work.

    1. That was still post descriptor work-around though. So, it could be that the first time you flash with it, it’s okay, but the second time b0rks it up. I’ve removed it as a precaution, and just egrep’ed out the verification error.

  3. My falco is on the script release before this one, and when I upgraded to kernel 3.17-rc3 from 3.13, /sys/class/backlight became empty and I couldn’t control the backlight. It looks like this release will correct this behavior?

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