New ROM releases

IMG_20140818_230211These contain an updated version of Jeltka. CentOS and Fedora installs now work wirelessly, I’ve added Arch support, and also rewritten the script from scratch. The script will semi-automatically configure the wireless connection – you just have to input SSID and PSK.

On the Linux side, I’ve put ext utils in, and enabled USB mass storage, so Jeltka can act as a rudimentary embedded rescue, getting files off or even partition images, as long as you stick to EXT2/3/4 for your FS.

I’ve managed to do all this and keep it within the original 2.88MB limit, so there’s still over 500k to play with. Suggestions welcome as long as it doesn’t mean SSL support, which balloons the image over the 3.44MB limit as is.

Running should be self-explanatory, except you should run once logged in. Go get ’em.

11 thoughts on “New ROM releases”

  1. Hey John, just reinstalled Arch on my c720-2800. I noticed that I had to blacklist the tpm kernel modules to get sleep working properly. Was wondering if maybe the tpm was left enabled on these recent ROMs.

    1. Admittedly I forgot to remove/conditionalise “#define ENABLE_TPM” from Peppy’s dsdt.asl, but my ROMs circumvent the whole TPM problem by disabling it in the firmware. So, once I get another Peppy update out, that won’t be an issue with my ROMs.

  2. I don’t know if `testdisk` would fit, but that’s a crucial tool to have on emergency systems. Being able to pull files out of the system might be an invaluable option. Other than that, I could think of `parted` being a wonderful tool.

    1. I could set it up to download testdisk and any library dependencies if you choose an option in the script. Otherwise it’ll take up too much space. There is already Busybox’s slightly trimmed version of fdisk in there, so I’m not going to duplicate function with Parted. It could probably do with gdisk instead, just in case you have GPT partitions.

  3. That’s great news, thanks for all of your work!

    Are these two of the versions that inadvertently included the TPM section in the DSDT?
    – 1.7.5-20140807_220500
    – rel-1.7.5-0-ge51488c-20140528_083609-morn.localdomain

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