Legacy Slot Support for the Acer C740/Chromebook 11 and Acer C910/Chromebook 15

I’ve had a working updated legacy slot for the Acer C910/Chromebook 15 since mid-April, as some of you in the community may know. I took a few minutes tonight to incorporate that into the script, and I’ve also made it available for the Acer C740/Chromebook 11 (not that I’ve come across anyone who has one yet, but you never know). See the ROM Download page.

16 thoughts on “Legacy Slot Support for the Acer C740/Chromebook 11 and Acer C910/Chromebook 15”

  1. Thanks for the great work John. I recently got a C740 and I like it a lot. Besides the chipset it is a considerable improvement over my C720 in terms of build quality (in particular the back of the screen), and the keyboard is improved too (less noisy/flimsy). It would be great if your script could eventually fully support/flash C740.

    Anyway, I just tried the script to flash the legacy slot but it seems that it does not recognize the device (“something went seriously wrong”). I had a look in the script and there does not seem to be a “newromname” entry for Auron_Paine.

    Feel free to reach out if you need more info, or if you want me to test some more.

  2. Hi,

    I have the european Acer C910 (CB5-571), and I get an error that “Block protection could not be disabled!”. Maybe I do have to unscrew the write protection screw?



  3. Ok great! I’m typing this from my chromebook running elementary now, thanks so much!

    One quick question:
    Am I right in assuming that a full battery drain will cause legacy boot to be disabled? Since I wiped chromeos it would not be possible to enable it again without restoring.

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