Baytrail WIP

Thanks to some big, recent donations I’ve managed to pick up an ASUS C300 and I’m working with Kevin O’Conner (of the SeaBIOS project) to get upstream SeaBIOS working properly on Baytrail Chromebooks.

What’s been found so far:

  1. Interrupts are not working at all, hence why the boot menu gets stuck.
  2. At least on some of the Baytrail Chromebooks, the SD/eMMC controller is in ACPI mode which SeaBIOS doesn’t currently pick up, hence why the eMMC and SD cards won’t work at all, at boot, on some models.
  3. Once interrupts are (hopefully) working and an address hard-coded for the SD/eMMC controller, it should mean that the keyboard works (both internal and external), the boot menu doesn’t need a key press any more, and both eMMC and SD are bootable.

Hopefully won’t be too long before we have some good news for Baytrail hopefuls.

4 thoughts on “Baytrail WIP”

    1. Yes, well, I’m not going to lie, I have had to use donations to pay bills on occasion. It’s swings and roundabouts – the C300 cost €216 but I only had €166 in donations. Was very keen to get working with Kevin O’Connor to try and sort the issues out.

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