ASUS Chromebox Owners Rejoice!

I have a fix for the nasty bug which stops you booting from USB in SeaBIOS on the ASUS Chromebox. It’s an updated CBFS filesystem for the RW_LEGACY slot of the firmware, which contains an updated version of SeaBIOS. Simply download the file and apply it in the Crosh shell like so (you don’t need hardware write-protect disabled)

sudo flashrom -w -i RW_LEGACY:asus-chromebox-SeaBIOS-new.bin

md5sum dc200444a02eafcce0486fedf86bf4f1

Beer me on your way out!

103 thoughts on “ASUS Chromebox Owners Rejoice!”

  1. I am now back in my office (after about 2 hours) and you are right, JELTKA is loaded!!! No idea how long it lasts. Well I test it right now…. the idea is small server for home automatization, so I install now ubuntu 14.04.01 LTS server through JELTKA.
    THX, I sended you a small donation… you now, my salary here in Slovakia does not allow me to be generous…

  2. I had the same problem of it booting straight to the hard drive even if I hit ESC. I figured out if I just hit ESC and the number 2 right after it then booted the openelec install for me. It never pauses after hitting ESC so I had to do it very fast. I hope this helps someone else!

  3. Hi John,
    I’ve been donated a Chromebox i7. I saw some previous comments re. an i3 system that said your updated BIOS probably won’t work. Same true for my box?

  4. Thanks for posting all the helpful resources! I think I found this post a minute too late. I have a brand new ASUS i3 box. As I struggled to get the boot menu let me select, I followed the “official” docs here

    Under “Troubleshooting Legacy Boot”:
    You can safely reset the copy of SeaBIOS in your flash by running (as root):
    # chromeos-firmwareupdate –sb_extract /tmp
    # flashrom -w /tmp/bios.bin -i RW_LEGACY

    Pretty sure that left me hosed. No video on reboot – just the standard 2 beeps after a while. No ESC->2 or any other options help. I especially like how they add the phrase “you can safely reset” to show you how to hork your system. Any tips?

  5. Weird nevermind I just let it sit for 10 min unplugged, read some of the Necromonicon over it and miraculously it started booting again….?

    Well I did some other things too but nevermind. Made a fresh usb stick with a fresh ISO but the same thing happened with no USB stick… So odd…

  6. To all you guys out there who read JohnnyB’s first post, DO NOT and I read DO NOT do what JohnnyB did in his first post or you’ll brick your BIOS !!! JohnnyB, the reason your chromebox won’t boot from a usb stick is because the SeaBios firmware that ships with the chromebox is broken so in order to get the bios to see any usb stick and boot offf of it just type:

    wget md5sum asus-chromebox-SeaBIOS-new.bin # Make sure the md5sum returns dc200444a02eafcce0486fedf86bf4f1 # Then flash the new BIOS flashrom -w -i RW_LEGACY:asus-chromebox-SeaBIOS-new.bin

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