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I’ve mentioned and murmured about this from time to time, but I feel there’s no point trying to compile coreboot for newer (> Pixel) Chromebooks, as it won’t give you significant, extra functionality. Making it official here. Have unsubscribed from the coreboot mailing list. Happy to help people that want it (and ask nicely) but I’m scaling back my efforts forthwith.

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  1. Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into these blog posts. They’ve been a great source of information.

    (It seems the newer Chromebooks have everything required to be useful, general purpose laptops and there are some nice, upcoming kernel/mesa improvments too. Good times in the post-Windoze world.)

  2. While the chromebooks are indeed good to go at this point, this is not the case with the recently released Asus Chromebox. It is a device with 4 USB 3.0 ports, none of which can be used to to boot another OS because the version of seabios included does not contain USB 3.0 drivers.

    This article explains the problem and links to the relevant bug report on the chromium bug tracker: Any thoughts or pointers on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Well, if it is *just* SeaBIOS (and not coreboot itself) missing XHCI drivers for this board, you should be able to compile a new version of SeaBIOS with XCHI support in, flash the RW_LEGACY slot, and away you go. To confirm that is the issue could you give me the rest of the string after “SeaBIOS” on the SeaBIOS screen?

  3. The bug report mentions that all that is needed is to “rev seabios to ToT and away you go” or something to that effect. The seabios version is: (version -20140214_142106-build123-m2).

    1. Can you point me to the bug. It’s not that easy to find.

      Unfortunately it’s not quite as easy for us on this side. As I’ve found out this morning, trying to build, or even modify an existing RW_LEGACY slot is a bit of a dark art. I think ToT is an internal Google thing, so I doubt we have access to that upstream, yet. With any luck they’ll get a new RW_LEGACY slot out with instructions to flash (you don’t need to disable write-protect to do it). But, meanwhile, I’m going to keep trying to pursue a solution that will work with the code we have, just in case.

    1. Yeah, I found it myself in the end, but thanks for coming back to me. At the moment I’m wrestling with CBFS, and how to make sure a built RW_LEGACY slot will boot. Once I’ve perfected that, I’ll see about using ChromiumOS SeaBIOS ToT (which means Tip Of Tree according to Mike Frysinger, which I assume means the latest available in the Panther branch). We are getting closer to something usable, I think. Certainly sounds like Google are in no hurry to get something out themselves, seeing as the bug is open since the end of Jan.

  4. That’s great news! Yes, I was also starting to doubt that we’d actually get an update with fixed seabios. After all, the box works perfectly the way it was intended by asus/google

    1. I have something which may be ready to try, but I just need someone to confirm what the pci id’s of the graphics card are. “lspci -nv |less” and then look for VGA controller. It should be something like 8086:0a06.

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