You haven’t seen any Chromebook firmware stuff here, honest!

This is an ex-Chromebook firmware guy – I simply don’t have the time or the willpower to do stuff with Chromebook firmware, any more. I’ll leave the various pages here for posterity, in the event that it helps someone informationally, or that one of these firmware/legacy slots fixes a problem that the various firmware providers, don’t.

I want to thank everyone at coreboot (and by extension, Google), especially Ron Minnich and Stefan Reinauer, for their moral, technical, and financial support, over the last 6 years – it was definitely a mind-blowing experience going to the coreboot meetup in 2014, and I’m fairly sure I would probably not otherwise have my current job, either directly or indirectly, had I not decided to scratch my itch and get involved in the small way I was capable.

Please also note: this website, and my exploits therein, have absolutely no association with my employer.

Thank you & happy computing.