A Call To Arms

Right, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to give a little something back to the coreboot community who’ve made all this possible. I’ve created a self-extracting binary which will upload some information about the ROM you’re currently using (along with your dmesg output from boot) to the coreboot board-status repository. This repository is hopefully to be used to ascertain which boards a) currently work with coreboot and b) should remain “live” within the coreboot codebase. You will need an account at review.coreboot.org to post this output. Logging in with your Google account is fine, but you will then need to go to¬†http://review.coreboot.org/#/settings/http-password to find out what your username and password is to actually post the output (once the script tries to upload it using git).

What we would really like to see is hundreds of commits, as the repository has so far not been used very much. By putting everything into this self-contained, self-extracting script, the idea is to reduce the amount of dependencies and get a lot more people uploading information. I’d appreciate it if anyone reading this and using one of my ROM’s would download and run https://johnlewis.ie/board-status.run¬†forthwith. Thanks.

New ROM Release – 181114

There’s a new ROM release today. What’s changed? Not very much, hopefully:

  1. Same underlying coreboot build/revision.
  2. Updated SeaBIOS which aside from improved SD/MMC support contains a “keyboard-polling” option, which may (or may not) have an effect for people who’ve been experiencing keyboard issues.
  3. Some slight tweaks to Jeltka, the main of which being the addition of the tg3 driver for the C710, so C710 owners can use Jeltka with a wired connection.

If your current ROM is working well, there’s no need to update, but this release will hopefully help improve things for the people who’ve had niggly problems.