Working custom coreboot ROM on HP Chromebook 14!

Because I am so hopelessly addicted to hacking Chromebooks, and because the ASUS Chromebook users who couldn’t boot USB got me into hacking mode, I have *finally* managed to get a working custom ROM on the HP Chromebook 14.

As noted, it breaks power-saving even more than it was already. But, on the plus side, it boots a few seconds faster, and I think it runs a bit faster too (but that could be car wash syndrome either).

Without further ado! Please see the pre-built firmware page!

ASUS Chromebox Owners Rejoice!

I have a fix for the nasty bug which stops you booting from USB in SeaBIOS on the ASUS Chromebox. It’s an updated CBFS filesystem for the RW_LEGACY slot of the firmware, which contains an updated version of SeaBIOS. Simply download the file and apply it in the Crosh shell like so (you don’t need hardware write-protect disabled)

sudo flashrom -w -i RW_LEGACY:asus-chromebox-SeaBIOS-new.bin

md5sum dc200444a02eafcce0486fedf86bf4f1

Beer me on your way out!