Running Windows on a Chromebook.

There are those who have expressed an interest in running Windows on their Chromebooks. Having looked into the issues (missing ACPI bits, and drivers for the cyapa touchpad, amongst others) it seems the best current way to do so is by flashing your Chromebook with a coreboot build, Install Fedora 19 (Ubuntu’s kernel is too old and creaky to run cyapa), and install Windows inside a KVM VM (ably setup by Virt-Manager).

The sound is a bit choppy, but the performance isn’t a huge leap behind native, and it will even play Netflix watchably. Take a peek at the video.

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Donate for better coreboot Chromebook support?

I’m considering adding a donate button to the site, specifically for purchasing Chromebook hardware with which to test coreboot builds prior to release. I currently already have a Dediprog SF100  to quickly de-brick (kindly donated by Stefan Reinauer in Google). I would need a  NET20DC usb debugger, Acer C7,  and HP Pavilion 14 to start with, which would be about €550 at current prices (and guestimating import duty for the NET20DC). I would then be interested in purchasing the new Haswell based Chromebooks due to be released at the end of the year with a view to releasing coreboot builds for them.

Yay or nay?