Working custom coreboot ROM on HP Chromebook 14!

Because I am so hopelessly addicted to hacking Chromebooks, and because the ASUS Chromebook users who couldn’t boot USB got me into hacking mode, I have *finally* managed to get a working custom ROM on the HP Chromebook 14.

As noted, it breaks power-saving even more than it was already. But, on the plus side, it boots a few seconds faster, and I think it runs a bit faster too (but that could be car wash syndrome either).

Without further ado! Please see the pre-built firmware page!

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6 thoughts on “Working custom coreboot ROM on HP Chromebook 14!”

  1. Hello I wanted to ask about this. I know this was already mentioned but I wanted to see if there was any progress on making this available with windows 7?

  2. No, and it’s not being worked on either. The necessary missing Windows ACPI information would need to be put into the ROM, and someone would have to write a driver for the Google i2c device (which the mouse and keyboard work through).

  3. Great work John, i’ll test this soon. It should be easy to flash back the default ROM, shouldnt it?

  4. You would think so, but, I made my backup *after* removing the write-protect screw, and all it would do when I flashed it back was go into the recovery screen! Don’t know what’s going on there. I ended up using the shell-ball ROM.

  5. Do you know anything about why Grub [CentOS/Fedora] sees only sees 15MB of RAM on this model? I saw postings indicating it is related to a typical 15M BIOS memory hole…

    How do people actually boot Linux on the HP Chromebook 14 [Falco] ?

  6. That problem is actually with syslinux, and although the fix says mem=1600M, you can actually go as high as 1952M before it craps out. So, if you’re booting from Live DVD/USB you’ll have to stick it in. Once installed, you don’t need to.

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