ASUS Chromebox Owners Rejoice!

I have a fix for the nasty bug which stops you booting from USB in SeaBIOS on the ASUS Chromebox. It’s an updated CBFS filesystem for the RW_LEGACY slot of the firmware, which contains an updated version of SeaBIOS. Simply download the file and apply it in the Crosh shell like so (you don’t need hardware write-protect disabled)

sudo flashrom -w -i RW_LEGACY:asus-chromebox-SeaBIOS-new.bin

md5sum dc200444a02eafcce0486fedf86bf4f1

Beer me on your way out!

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102 thoughts on “ASUS Chromebox Owners Rejoice!”

  1. Weird nevermind I just let it sit for 10 min unplugged, read some of the Necromonicon over it and miraculously it started booting again….?

    Well I did some other things too but nevermind. Made a fresh usb stick with a fresh ISO but the same thing happened with no USB stick… So odd…

  2. Thanks for posting all the helpful resources! I think I found this post a minute too late. I have a brand new ASUS i3 box. As I struggled to get the boot menu let me select, I followed the “official” docs here

    Under “Troubleshooting Legacy Boot”:
    You can safely reset the copy of SeaBIOS in your flash by running (as root):
    # chromeos-firmwareupdate –sb_extract /tmp
    # flashrom -w /tmp/bios.bin -i RW_LEGACY

    Pretty sure that left me hosed. No video on reboot – just the standard 2 beeps after a while. No ESC->2 or any other options help. I especially like how they add the phrase “you can safely reset” to show you how to hork your system. Any tips?

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